moon-full-faeries-summerUh-oh…do you feel that? Hold on tight for our upcoming full moon – because she is in Aquarius! On August 29th, 2015, she will do her beautiful dance up in the sky with our out-of-the-box-thinker, Aquarius.

Aaaaah! It may feel like an awakening jolt of amazing possibilities. This is a time, where you can imagine something extremely different, and actually see the possibility and the excitement of it coming true.

Working in groups and with other people to make these dreams come true, is where the power lies now. This is a friendly, social time. Aquarius Full Moon is playful, sees wide and far, and is reahing for the highest, brightest star!

You may find yourself squirmy under the pressures of too much emotion, or one on one connection. No thank you! You may find yourself wanting to be goofy and weird, in the most delightful way.

Embrace your weirdness!

Embrace your wildest most far-fetched dreams for yourself!

And embrace the knowing that they have every possiblity of coming into fruition now!

Working with clients during these wild and explosive full moons is exhilerating. Both for them and me, ha! Guiding them and supporting them to taking the steps towards their best selves and their biggest dreams is so rewarding as a counselor. I hear and feel all those things bubbling up to the surface to be seen and experienced. I love what I do!

Enjoy this big, Aquarian Full Moon. Let go and let yourself be loony!

With love,
Malika Semper, Certified Intuitive Counselor

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