Why Are You Attracting What You Don’t Want?

Why are you attracting what you don't want?Life is grand when things are going exactly how you want them to go!  But what about those days when nothing seems to go right?  Or those weeks when it feels as though you have a permanent rain cloud over your head?  Or that month?  Or that year?!
When we get stuck in our heads, our thoughts can become obsessive, playing scenario after scenario of things that could happen; the what-ifs.  Usually, it’s the fear that starts to run around in our minds, and what we’re giving our attentions to; the fears, the stresses, the things that are bothering us.  We can start to become trapped within these patterns.  Because we are giving our attention and energy to these unwanted scenarios, we are attracting them!
When we find some unwanted thought repeating itself in our head, that thing that you really want to shout, “NO” toward, shout briefly and firmly, and them move your attentions to the things and thoughts you do want.  When you give something your attention, whether positive or negative attention, in turn, it matches your vibration and brings it to you…any attention to anything is a practicing of the vibration that will bring it unto you.
It certainly takes a shift in mind and thought-pattern, but when you do this, you will see that the things you are wanting – that job, that relationship, etc…will find its way to you.  I’ve helped clients with this practice and the results are immensely rewarding!  Give it a try, and give it some time…be patient with yourself as your brain re-programs itself for your greatest wants.

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