Transforming Fear

transforming fearWe all fear different things in different ways.  Most fear is a negative emotional charge, but there is healthy fear, too, of course, that keep you out of dangerous situations.  The fear that I’m talking about though, is the fear that enslaves you to it, that limits your life in unhealthy ways, fear that creates a cage around you and your heart.

        Whether it’s fear of lonliness, fear of failure, fear of intimacy, fear of success, etc., it all involves our emotions, our body, and our mind.  Long held fears generally arise from early conditioning of family, and can be felt through-out a lifetime.  So how de we release that fear? How do we move on in a healthy, liberating way?

        I have found that fear wants to be seen.  It wants to be listened to, noticed, heard.  It is not a subtle force.  I have found that once you acknowledge fear, once you look it in the eye…there is a softening, there is a surrender.  Suddenly it doesn’t seem as big, as daunting.  You see it, you feel it, you give it your attention, you embrace it.  Watch what happens – there is a melting of that fear.  it’s been acknowledged and turned towards, now it can soften and get smaller and smaller…why?  Because you are being courageous.  Because you have chosen to stand in your power, and fear can’t stand up to that.

        Love your fear, and watch it respond, watch it melt away.  Courage is being afraid, and doing it anyway.

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