rockstackIntuitive Counseling:

Offering guidance and support to individuals who are struggling in any area of their life; helping them to access their deep inner selves, using intuitive connection to the individual’s higher self.

Depression/Anxiety Counseling:

These are two of the most common health concerns in our society.  They can be experienced as a struggle in emotional and functional challenges, and can be triggered by a variety of factors in one’s life.  I offer guidance and support in ways to manage and reduce symptoms of depression and/or anxiety, providing a healing space and tools for individuals.


When in relationship, feelings of hurt or disconnection can be difficult without guidance and a listening ear.  Lack of affection and emotional distance can be very painful.  With counseling in this area you can better recognize and manage troublesome differences and repetitive patterns of stress within the relationship, and learning how to develope closeness and clear communication.

Grief/Sadness Counseling:

We can develope attachments to things in our lives, which in turn become a part of our heart.  When we lose those things – a person, job, or perhaps a relationship, we as human beings experience grief, sadness, a feeling of loss. These feelings can also be triggered with any life changes one experiences.  I offer support that aims to help guide one through rhythms of grief and/or sadness, feeling and moving through the emotions in a safe, gentle space.

Heart Healing:

I offer support and guidance in ways to listen to the heart’s voice, the inner voice each one of us has; discovering what is needed and what needs to be let to go of in one’s life so the heart and the individual’s life may flourish and flow.

Support through Life’s Transitions:

Life transitions tend to cause some stress; even positive life changes can cause a little bit of stress.  Support through those changes can make all the difference and make the transitions smooth and peaceful, finding easier ways to cope and move with the winds of change.

Self-Esteem Development:

Lack of self-esteem can come from a whole lifetime of personal events; poor health, negative life events, losing a job, frustrating relationships, divorce, or being a victim of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse – just to name a few.  I offer support and guidance in a number of ways that can help anyone can break out of this vicious cycle and move through life in a healthy way.

Building Self Confidence:

Self-confidence is extremely important in so many aspects of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it, and in turn, find it difficult to succeed and move forward on their life’s path.  I offer guidance and support in rebuilding and improving your self-confidence, helping you find your voice to speak clearly, hold your head high, and believe in yourself again.

Support through Emotional Distress:

Emotional distress can bring instability to one’s life, even heartache and unbalance.  Our emotions are very important to how we function in our every day lives.  Intuitive counseling can help bring those emotions and feelings back into balance, bringing with it a great sense of well-being.

Customized Guided Meditations/Groundings:

Meditation is a way of transforming the mind.  It encourages and develops concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things.  I offer customized guided meditations specified to each individual’s needs.

Chakra Work:

When our energy centers are off balance, it can affect our whole being, our whole life.  The chakra’s flow and health is vital for one’s well-being.  I work with individuals to re-align, unblock, and balance the chakra centers.