New Moon in Virgo

New moon in VirgoReady for a double dose of that Virgo essence?  Well, here it comes!  We have our New Moon in Virgo on September 13, 2015.  We also have the Sun in Virgo currently.  That’s a lot of Virgo!  Let’s take advantage of it…

        The New Moon is a time of rebirth, a chance for a fresh start.  Every New Moon is an allowance to grab onto and embrace the essence of the sign that’s amplified.  So let’s look at exactly what we want to grab onto during this New Moon in Virgo…

        You know those tasks that make most people cringe?  (Virgo’s heart just lit up at the word “task”.  It might be one of their favorite words ever invented.)  Organizing closets, handling bills, deep cleaning your home, paying attention to detail (I’m cringing as I write this), well, those are the things that Virgo is gifted in!  So roll up your sleeves and get down to some serious work.  Make lists and check off tasks .  Handle details.  Set up specific routines.  Pay attention to health and fitness.  Are we having fun yet?!  As a Sagittarius, this is all very hard for me to write.

        So during the phase of the Virgo New Moon in September, it’s the perfect time to handle all that business that’s been neglected and put off for a while.  It’ll be easier during that time because the Virgo energy will be there supporting you.

        After completing your tasks, stand back and look at your results.  As much as it pains me to admit…Virgo is on to something here…the de-stressing and relief of getting things done, it feels good!!  So during this time, embrace your inner neat-freak, get things in order, set plans into action…and look good while doing it.

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