innervoiceWe all have it – that hunch, that impression, that instinct. Some call it a gut reaction, others call it an inner voice, and still others call it intuition. Whatever you may call it, I can teach you and guide you to access it, to use it in your everyday life, to eliminate confusion and find clear answers for yourself!
Why is it we don’t listen more to our instincts? Perhaps your inner voice is critical, perhaps it’s too quiet and you have trouble accessing it, perhaps it speaks the truth when anything but the truth is easier to hear.
Your inner voice is the most healthy and loving guidace you could ever ask for. It is there to guide you in the direction of your highest good. Always. It is there to protect you.
So how do we move through the layers of noise within ourselves to access that sacred spot where your inner voice resides? How do we move through the layers of noise so we can actually hear what our intuition is telling ourselves. I would love to show you one way now.
One way is moving our attention, our focus, out of our busy minds, and dropping down into our heart-space. Once you are present in your heart, I’d like you to ask yourself, or better yet, make a statement of whatever it is that you need to make a decision on. For example – “I am going to move into a new home.”
Now tune in and listen to your body…does it feel tight? Does it feel restricted? Or does it feel free? Does it feel expansive?
Now make the opposite statement. Again, what is your body’s reaction. What is your inner voice telling you is the best thing for you?
Sometimes your body has a big, clear, response. Other times you need to be very still, drop down and listen hard for the answers. Sometimes we need help and guidance from others in hearing the answers.
I can tell you from experience, the more you practice this exercise, the easier it will be to find your answers. When clients come to me with confusion in their lives, not knowing if they should go in one direction or another, this is one of the practices I guide them in. It is profound, the clarity of answers that always arise.
Give it a try. You know. You always know!
With abundant love,
Malika Semper, Certified Intuitive Counselor

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