Changing Your Outcome 2

girl with raised hands and broken chains

girl with raised hands and broken chains

Anything you are trying to achieve or do, there is an outcome that comes along with it, naturally. But what if you aren’t sure of the outcome, or fear the outcome?  How do you claim the power to see the outcome you desire become the realistic outcome achieved?
Everything has a vibration, because everything is a form of energy.  I essence, everything vibrates and is communicating, reacting, responding, and integrating with other vibrating things in this world.
So, in knowing that, try offering your vibrations, your desired outcome, on purpose!  Live it, see it, breathe it; your desired outcome.  Once you start doing just that – offering your vibrations on purpose, then you are in absolute complete control of your experience.
It takes a shift of mind, a shift in thinking, but once you experience and believe in it, the results are amazing!
I’ve helped clients who have given up on parts of their lives because of lack of confidence in their ability to choose the outcome of their lives. We work together in seeing the desired outcome for them…once I ask them what they would like to see happen for themselves, what they would like their experience to be, well, we’ve just changed the outcome from dreary and bleak, to exactly what they want for themselves!  Yes, it takes some work.  But it starts in understanding this simple yet profound bit of magic.
Go ahead, try it.

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